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Monday, June 2, 2014

#OhMy! It's Time for the Special Edition #Bigfoot Chronicles 1 & 2 #CoverReveal

Welcome back to my little corner of the blogosphere. I'm happy to announce the print version of my Bigfoot Chronicles 1 & 2 is now awaiting final approval before we can order copies to take with us to RomCon in less than three weeks. Denver won't know what hit them when the readers get their hands on my taboo tales. 

Why will my book be at a romance convention? Well, my publisher will be there and so will I. For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, I'm one of FOUR pen names for the same person. It's fun to keep up the tongue in cheek pretense that we're separate people, but we're all ME. It's simply easier to keep the various categories and heat levels my work falls into separate if I use different pen names. It helps readers know right off what sort of storyteller they're tackling just by the name on the front.

Enough of that. Here's what all of you came here to see. The print galley mock up of the new cover.

I love how they have Bryanna in shadow on the back. It gives the illusion that Ashar is hovering over her, out of view of the camera. We had to keep his features hidden again in this cover because we have major reveals for the last in the trilogy. Of course I already spilled the one big one here on the blog. Click HERE to find out.

Shocked? LOL! Many others are too and can't wait for the conclusion in Bigfoot's Revenge (The Bigfoot Chronicles 3). Look for that release in late July/August. I'm shooting for that but this story keeps taking on more twists. This part me end up being longer than the first two combined! 

See you all around and come talk to "us"in Denver. The hubby will be there too. 


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