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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back From #RomCon14 and #Bigfoot Was a Hit! #taboo #erotica

When I decided to take a few copies of The Bigfoot Chronicles 1 and 2 with me to RomCon, I didn't know what sort of reaction I would get from them. I was pleasantly surprised and then overwhelmed by the reaction. 

The readers LOVED IT! Whoohoo!

Now you all know, I'm one of four pen names for Tammy Dennings Maggy (my real name is actually Tammy Smith!). The four of "us" write in a variety of genres and various heat levels. My Bigfoot books are definitely not a traditional romance and are more erotica. Yes, there is a romantic element and I think I put a different twist with these tales compared to the others in the monster erotica genre. That's what makes this genre intriguing to me. There are so many different takes on the monster/human couplings so we have something for everyone.

The response to Ashar and Bryanna's story proves it. Of course there were some who had me sign their books to other people. *wink wink* These folks tickled me to no end. To think they'd stop by and give a new author a chance as well as try out a taboo genre—well, let's just say I'm still smiling from ear to ear.

This experience has inspired me to push the envelope even more with the third book in the trilogy. It's going to be longer than the first two, maybe even longer than those combined as there is so much these characters keep showing me. Because of the fabulous response at RomCon, my publisher is pushing up the release of the eBook version of the combo book so look for that to go live within the next few days. You all know how Amazon can be. They could have a delay, or things could go up in a flash! LOL

Thank you again RomCon! We'll be back again next year with even more monster tales and other dark erotic fantasies to share with everyone. Until then, I'll leave you with the cover for Bigfoot's Revenge (The Bigfoot Chronicles 3). ~Tawny

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