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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#WickedWednesday: @Tawny_Savage and her #Bigfoot Chronicles Continue to Move Up the #Rubenesque #Erotica Charts on All Romance

I know you're SHOCKED to see me back again so soon, but I wanted to share the news with all of you. Once again, the first two books of the Bigfoot Chronicles are moving on up the Rubenesque Erotica charts on All Romance/Omnilit. As of this writing, Bigfoot Claims His Mate is sitting at #18 and Brigid's Blessing is at #28. 

Can you BELIEVE IT??? I'm simply over the moon!

This song resonates with me now. I have been losing sleep thinking about the things that "we" meaning my characters and I could be. The last post proves it. The final book in this trilogy is filled with jaw dropping surprises. What I revealed on Monday is just the tip of the iceberg in the clash between the humans and The Forrest People.

This is my first published series and it means so much to me that readers are enjoying it. Thank you all for your support. ♥♥♥♥♥

So what do we do now? How about we see if we can get these books to the top of not only All Romance charts, but on AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE, KOBO, iTUNES and SMASHWORDS

If both books end up in the top 10 on two or more of these sites, I'll give away FIVE copies of the last book in this trilogy when it's published. In fact, the winners of these copies will have them BEFORE they are released to anyone else.

So what do you say? Are you up for the challenge? Will you help me spread the word about these dark fantasy erotica novellas and get Bigfoot on the top of the charts where he belongs?

I'll keep you all posted on our progress. So excited! Thank you all for helping me make my dream of bringing dark erotic fantasy to life!

Until next time,

Monday, February 10, 2014

#OhMy! Monday: @Tawny_Savage Discusses A Few Twists Coming Up in #BIGFOOT'S REVENGE #erotica

Welcome to my digs. What do you think? It's still in the early stages and I'm doing a little remodeling here and there. Most of it involves borrowing the banners from my fellow Sassy Vixen authors. They've already created some cool ones. Why not use them too? They're happy to share so this week it's Oh My! Monday.

What do I have to make you go Oh My! about? What would you say if I told you I wanted to share a few of the surprises in store for you in the third and final novella in the Bigfoot Chronicles trilogy? What was that? I can't hear you...

Yeah thought so. You're in too much shock to answer. You think I'd be stupid to tell you what's going to happen in Bigfoot's Revenge (The Bigfoot Chronicles 3). You may be right. I may be crazy...

Whether I'm nutso or not isn't the point. I am going to share a few of the secrets. 

Before I go any further, I will be giving spoilers here. If you haven't read my Bigfoot Chronicles yet...what's stopping you? If you plan on reading them at any point and hate when people give away the plot points, then stop reading right now!

Decided to stay? Good. You're either one of my fans...thank you! or you're one of those people who don't mind learning the surprises of the story ahead of time and then can't wait to read the story to get the full effect. Just. Like. Me.  READ ON!!

You may have already figured a bit out on your own if you read Brigid's Blessing and  Bigfoot Claims His Mate. You know that Bryanna's soon to be ex-husband is a twisted fuck, but have you figured out why? The scene where he's watching Bry and Ashar go at it in the garden was a twist even I didn't see coming. I mean, hello! We all thought he was safely locked away in jail awaiting transfer to rehab. 

HA! We leave him in the garden shed licking the sharp blade of his jagged hunting knife. You know the kind I'm talking about. Crocodile Dundee knife, baby. The kind that will filet a croc in thirty seconds flat.

Imagine what that kind of knife could do to a woman who has wronged you and made you look like a fool in front of your friends and family. Top it off, she prefers to spread her legs for your hairy ass brother...

That's right. I said BROTHER.

Ashar and Travis are brothers. They share the same father who is actually on his death bed. Ashar is to take over as Chief of the clan when his father goes on to the next world. What neither of them know is Travis actually has claim to that leadership role. He's older than Ashar by a year. 

Shocked? Wondering how it could be? Who kept the secret all this time? Think about it folks. Who has been working with the humans nearly all of her life to ensure the survival of her kind?

Etsey. The Shaman for the tribe knows all. She raised all of her son's children when his mate passed away during the birth of the youngest sibling. She refused the help of the rest of the tribe because she had to keep the identity of one of the children a secret. With the help of the humans, she was able to hide him away with a couple who never knew his ties to the Forest People. All they knew was they wanted a child.

If they only knew he was the blood of their sworn enemy! As you all found out in Bigfoot Claims His Mate, the Stevens family have a long standing violent feud with the Forest People going back centuries. Leaving Travis in their care, ensured his survival but taught him to hate his own kind. It's also why he can't fight his attraction for the females of Ashar's clan and why he took such pleasure in the rape and murder of Ashar's first mate, Taema. To cover up how sexually aroused he was around her, he coerced his friends to fuck her too.

I told you he was a sick bastard. Don't think that's all to the story as Bryanna and Ashar learn the truth in a most shocking and tragic manner. 

You really didn't think I'd tell you THAT part now did you? hehehe I have to save some surprises for you, my lovelies. Stay tuned. It's going to shock the shit out of you!

Need to catch up on the series before the new one comes out? Find them on AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE, ARe/OMNILIT, SMASHWORDS, KOBO, and iTUNES

Until next time,

Saturday, February 1, 2014

#Bigfoot Earned Another Silver Star! #Rubenesque #erotica

Welcome back to my little corner of the web. I've been a bit swamped with the evil day job and getting ready for the Super Bowl party here at the house. I got talked into cooking the old faves. It should be a fun one. ;)

I've received some fabulous feedback about both books in the Bigfoot Chronicles. Thank you all for picking up your own copies. Because of you, both books are in the top forty in the Rubenesque Erotica category. Nothing like a curvy girl hooking up with Sasquatch to get your motor running, eh? LOL!

Bigfoot Claims His Mate is sitting pretty at #27 and Brigid's Blessing is holding her own at #37. For my debut novellas, I think that's...wait for it...FABULOUS!!!

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. I'm a Real Housewives junky and Kenya Moore simply takes the cake for being over the top and full of herself. I want you all to slap me silly if I ever act like her in any circumstance other than sarcasm. 

To celebrate the good sales so far, both books are still priced at one buck. That's right, for a limited time you can own both of my current novellas for a total of $2...a buck each. This deal is only on All Romance ebooks. Here are the links:

My last post I shared a hot sex scene between my heroine Bryanna and her nearly seven foot tall hairy lover Ashar. This one is for the PG audience but gives you a bit more of Ashar's story. He's not the mindless "apeman" some would have you believe.

Story Excerpt (PG rated)

May 2nd, Present Day Siskiyou Mountains
Hidden Village of the Forest People

Etsey’s angry eyes bore into him. “Do you have any idea how much danger you’ve brought to our tribe? You most of all know the violence the humans can rain down upon us. Taema’s been buried a year and you continue on this vendetta. Enough! If you’re to be Chief, your actions must set an example for the rest.” The shaman touched him on his face and her features softened. “Ashar…you are the future of our people. You must find a proper mate before your father moves on to the next world.”

He leaned into her touch. Etsey had helped raise him after his mother died during childbirth. The loss had devastated his father, Baali. Not only did he lose his mate, he had three young children to raise. Fortunately Etsey was there. As Shaman it was her responsibility to help, but as their grandmother it was her joy and honor to raise them. At least that’s what she always told them when asked why she didn’t allow the others to help out more.

“I couldn’t stay away from her. Her pleas to the Goddess wrenched my heart in two. I know her pain. Taema and I longed for children. Did you know she was with child when Travis and his friends killed her?” Tears spilled down his cheeks and into his beard. “I lost a part of me that day I thought would never return—then I saw her.”

“So you did as you forbid the others to do. You intended to hurt the humans just as they hurt you. I know about the other woman. Did you think you could just get them all with child and see who survived?” 

He averted his eyes. “It was my plan in the beginning, yes. But things changed last night. Something inside of me changed and I don’t want to go back to the way I was.” He couldn’t believe he’d actually fucked the first human and she lived through it. He really didn’t care one way or another if the child she carried was his or not. It was the satisfaction he derived from her husband begging him to spare his life and take his wife in exchange that gave him the thrill. Fucking coward. When it came right down to it, most humans seemed weak compared to any of the Forest People. 

Last night however, Ashar had met his match. This soft and inviting woman embraced him, kissed him back and screamed for him to keep taking her. She’d wrapped her arms and legs around him and gave herself completely over to his lust. Her scent drove him wild with desire and he longed to bury his tongue into her and drink her juices again and again. Not even Taema had ever made him feel this way. 

“You know what the Prophesy foretold. You are to bring our people into a new age. I had thought it would be with the one you lost, but could this human actually be your true mate? After all these years, could it be true?” 

He realized she wasn’t asking him the questions. They were directed more to herself and the gods, but he nodded nonetheless. “She asked for a child and we need children to survive to rebuild our clan again. We’ve lost too many, Shaman. This has to be what the gods had intended to happen. Why else would I be so compelled to be with her? Why do I feel this way about her if it’s not meant to be?” Could it be possible? Is this beauty the one that will help me save my kind or is it only my lust for her clouding my judgment?

“You’ll have to put aside your hate for the woman’s mate and friends if this is to work. It will eat you alive and may cost you everything you hold dear—including any future you may have with this priestess.”

Ashar’s eyes narrowed. “I didn’t tell you she was a priestess.”

The elderly Shaman smiled. “You’re not the only one who has watched over this one. I’ll speak no more of this today. Only you can decide if you’ll continue down this path. I’ll only offer you one more bit of advice. Don’t get so caught up in her that you miss the dangers around you. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of the one called Travis.”

Where to find both books