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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#Wild&Wicked Wednesday: Should I or Shouldn't I...

Welcome to my space here on blogger. I've been hard at work on a few projects and need to ask everyone a question. Should I or shouldn't I release the first two installments of the Bigfoot Chronicles as a special edition print? You see, I'd like to be able have a few print books to give out to celebrate the release of the last installment of the trilogy. This way it would get readers ready for the finale and have one more way to get the buzz going around about my Bigfoot stories.

Speaking of the buzz...

I was interviewed by fellow monster erotica author Celia Dunroy. Check it out HERE.

I've also been working on a short novella to introduce my contribution to the Sassy Vixen Publishing Temptations Resort shared world series. The first one will actually be in the Season of Sun and Sin anthology and called "Silk Seductions." That's also the name of the brothel/resort in Nevada (fictional!) where the stories are set. The offshoot of the Silk Resort series is the Silk N Satin line within the Temptations Resort series. SnS is the name of the adults only establishment that offers the escort services on the island paradise. The owner of both places, Margarite Rouseau will surprise you. She's tough as nails but cares deeply for the escorts in her employ. 

Enough teasing for now. As I write this, I decided to go ahead and do the special print release of Brigid's Blessing and Bigfoot Claims His Mate together in one bound volume. Once the third novella is finished, that one may be in print all by itself. I have to wait to see how long it is before I decide that. No matter what, all three will be together as one ebook and print before Christmas. So excited!

I'd still like to hear your thoughts. Should I or shouldn't I put out the first two novellas together as one print book? If yes, should I also put it out as an ebook?

Nothing is in stone yet. Sassy Vixen Publishing is giving me free reign for this project. Go ahead and tell me what you think!



  1. Should you put the Bigfoot Chronicles in print? Absolutely. There's nothing like seeing the book ion the shelf and, yes, it makes the best present in the world. What do you give the girl who has everything: http://chloethurlow.com/2013/09/give-girl-everything/

    1. Thank you for weighing in. So far the overwhelming consensus is to go ahead and put the two together in one print book and then near Christmas put all three together. My publisher is on board with whatever I wish to do. I think I like the idea of being able to take a print book of my first work to RomCon in June. Of course I'm going as one of my other pen names, but it will be fun to promote all of the different genres and subgenres and find new readers. Whew! Now I have to get cracking on a new cover....