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Saturday, January 17, 2015

#Monsterotica Is Here to Stay Whether You Like It or Not

Hello peeps. Tawny here and you're about to get hit with a post that's been a long time coming. I've kept quiet and watched people blast my genre for long enough. Amazon tried to wage war on it but decided to not bite the hand that feeds it. Authors who slammed it before are now dabbling in it themselves. Readers, bloggers, reviewers, pinners on Pinterest continue to write "WTF?" posts about it.

Newsflash! Just because you don't understand the draw doesn't mean there aren't tons of others out there who do. Not all fetishes and kinks are the same. You're reaction to my Bigfoot erotica is the same I had with FSOG...What. The. FUCK.

Before you jump all over me with comments that FSOG is a love story, erotic, sexy and whatever the hell else you want to toss out, listen up. Everything you say about that trilogy, I can say the same for monster erotica. Just because one of the lovers in the story isn't human, doesn't make it any less of a fantasy. 

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My Bigfoot hero, Ashar is far more human than the hero in FSOG. ASHAR doesn't have a twisted view of the world of BDSM and has never forced his lifestyle on his love interest. And don't get me started on the twit who will play the lead in the FSOG movie. If he doesn't have the brains to not slam the people in the lifestyle he is supposed to be portraying, he shouldn't be allowed to be interviewed about it.

Ahem...sorry. I didn't mean to get off track. For the record, I read all three books in the FSOG series. As a whole, I was entertained. Have I read others that I enjoyed more? Yes. Do I think this series represents erotica and erotic romance? HELL NO. That doesn't mean these stories didn't rock for other readers...especially those who haven't a clue about erotica and BDSM in particular. What these books did do was help bring readers around to search for more...and more explicit stories.

That's what brought many in our direction.

Monster erotica, dark fantasy and horror erotica are now and will continue to flourish. There is a market for it and many find us every day. It's true that this genre isn't for everyone and we don't claim it is. It's our niche and we like it that way. 

I don't tell you what you can and can't write or read. Why do you get to tell me? I'm not a fan of the big boobed anime erotica but that doesn't mean I don't get turned on from time to time by some of it. Before you slam things you know nothing about, maybe you should pick up a few books in the monster erotic section and decide for yourself. If you don't find anything that appeals to you, move along and grab the books you know will cream your jeans.

If you do find your curiosity piqued, and new fantasies invade your dreams of big hairy dudes or dragons screwing your brains out, then enjoy yourself with more. Don't let anyone tell you it's gross or evil. 

ENJOY the fantasy. Who knows? Maybe it will help spice up your current love life and take you to places you never thought possible.

It could happen...that's what makes it FANTASY!

Catch you on the flip side—



  1. I love it - Hucows, Minotaurs, tentacles, all of it! Bring on the weird, it's so much more fun to get freaky with wild stuff than yawning through FSOG. (Though I appreciate 50 Shades lovers, it's just too tame for me. Grateful it's become a gateway...) Everyone has a different level of kink/heat that they like, and you're right. Monster Erotica is here to stay!!! Hooray for that.

    1. When I first started writing in this genre, it was more of a dare. Could I do it? More importantly, would I enjoy it as much as reading it? Damn right to both questions! Moving to the dark side of things has opened up a whole other world for my characters.Like you, I love all of it!

      Now if only I can finish this current trilogy and let Ashar and Bryanna go. They've come to mean so much to me. Don't get me started on the villain Travis. He's grabbed hold of me now and demanding more of his story be told too. This last novelette is turning into novella size. It's a wild ride for sure!

      Thanks for stopping by, Normandie!