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Sunday, March 16, 2014

#SPeekSunday: @Tawny_Savage Brings You A Glimpse of BIGFOOT CLAIMS HIS MATE #bigfoot #erotica

I was so busy this week that I missed the deadline to sign up for this hop! ARRRGGGH! No matter. I'll still share my six paragraphs and you all can still check out the other participants by clicking HERE

I will sign up for this again over the next month but not sure if I can do every single week. Things are a bit frazzled around here with working on the last novella in the Bigfoot Chronicles and the cover, helping out with Sassy Vixen's summer anthology and getting ready for RomCon and the RNC conventions. So excited!

Back to the topic for today. The following is an short excerpt from Bigfoot Claims His Mate (The Bigfoot Chronicles 2). The same warning applies here as it did for the first book. I write very explicit, dark fantasy erotica. This trilogy is classified as MONSTER EROTICA. That means there are sex scenes between humans and the creatures known as Bigfoot. If this sort of thing repulses you...leave. You should not read any further. No harm and no foul. If you choose to continue reading, you agree the following is something right up your alley! ;)


Bryanna Stevens finally found her true soul mate—in the form of the nearly seven foot wall of muscle and hair known by many as Sasquatch. To her he’s Ashar, the next Chief of the Forest People and the object of all her lust and desire. 

Once tormented by the hatred he harbored for the humans who killed his mate and unborn child, Ashar finds welcome relief and love in the arms of the wife of his sworn enemy. 

Is their union truly a blessing from the gods, or will it uncover secrets that could tear them apart forever? 

This is actually the first six paragraphs from the first chapter. It picks up right where the first novella left off, right after Ashar and Bryanna have sex for the first time. In this scene, the bigfoot Ashar is confronted by his tribe's shaman, Etsey. 

May 2nd, Present Day Siskiyou Mountains
Hidden Village of the Forest People

Etsey’s angry eyes bore into him. “Do you have any idea how much danger you’ve brought to our tribe? You most of all know the violence the humans can rain down upon us. Taema’s been buried a year and you continue on this vendetta. Enough! If you’re to be Chief, your actions must set an example for the rest.” The shaman touched him on his face and her features softened. “Ashar…you are the future of our people. You must find a proper mate before your father moves on to the next world.”
He leaned into her touch. Etsey had helped raise him after his mother died during childbirth. The loss had devastated his father, Baali. Not only did he lose his mate, he had three young children to raise. Fortunately Etsey was there. As Shaman it was her responsibility to help, but as their grandmother it was her joy and honor to raise them. At least that’s what she always told them when asked why she didn’t allow the others to help out more.
“I couldn’t stay away from her. Her pleas to the Goddess wrenched my heart in two. I know her pain. Taema and I longed for children. Did you know she was with child when Travis and his friends killed her?” Tears spilled down his cheeks and into his beard. “I lost a part of me that day I thought would never return—then I saw her.”
“So you did as you forbid the others to do. You intended to hurt the humans just as they hurt you. I know about the other woman. Did you think you could just get them all with child and see who survived?”
He averted his eyes. “It was my plan in the beginning, yes. But things changed last night. Something inside of me changed and I don’t want to go back to the way I was.” He couldn’t believe he’d actually fucked the first human and she lived through it. He really didn’t care one way or another if the child she carried was his or not. It was the satisfaction he derived from her husband begging him to spare his life and take his wife in exchange that gave him the thrill. Fucking coward. When it came right down to it, most humans seemed weak compared to any of the Forest People.

Last night however, Ashar had met his match. This soft and inviting woman embraced him, kissed him back and screamed for him to keep taking her. She’d wrapped her arms and legs around him and gave herself completely over to his lust. Her scent drove him wild with desire and he longed to bury his tongue into her and drink her juices again and again. Not even Taema had ever made him feel this way. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's short excerpt. If you wish to read more, both of the novellas are available on

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