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Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Cover Reveal Time for #BIGFOOT'S REVENGE by @Tawny_Savage #monster #erotica #taboo

I'm so excited! Today Sassy Vixen Publishing gave me the go ahead to reveal my cover. Just moments ago it went live on their blog and now it's my turn. The last installment in my Bigfoot Chronicles trilogy will be released sometime this summer. We're shooting for June, but life can get in the way at times so we've not locked it down just yet. When we have the final date, you will be the first to know.

Another great surprise they sprung on me today...

Sassy Vixen Publishing will release The Bigfoot Chronicles together in one eBook and in print format. Whoohoo! The entire story will be under one "roof" so to speak. So stay tuned folks! I'll let you know when the collection is released. Until then—

Those eyes come right out and grab you don't they? On the first cover those eyes belonged to Ashar. This one they belong to TRAVIS! Just as I revealed to you a few posts back, Travis and Ashar are brothers. The secrets don't stop there...

Ashar's world is turned upside down from revelations that could change his relationship with Bryanna forever. Will Etsey's secrets tear apart the couple and jeopardize the future of the Forest People?

Bryanna's caught between two worlds: one she never knew existed and one she was brought up in. All she knew about her grandmother turns out to be a lie...and Etsey holds the key.

Will Travis let go of Bryanna without a fight or will he do everything in his power to destroy her and her Bigfoot lover?

Stay tuned!

Until next time,

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